Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hey everyone!

Since it's Christmas Eve, I imagine a festive holiday post is in order!

This Christmas, the thing that's been most on my mind, is the way that our culture has become so materialistic. I know it's been this way for a while, but as a twenty year old, the "magic" of the presents has started to wear off. I appreciate the idea of buying something special for those you love, but the day isn't about stuff.

This year I found myself more agitated by the pressure of presents than exhilarated by the idea of my family's faces when they opened gifts on Christmas morning. I think that the shopping, traffic, and rush of the holidays has completely overshadowed the idea of simply spending time with your family. What I will always have are the memories that I make with my family, not what they bought me on Christmas. I will remember the traditions more than the treasures.

I am so thankful for this year, for the changes and growth I have experienced, and most importantly the family I was born into and the friends I have found. I am so blessed and grateful for their love and support in everything I have done this year.

So, tomorrow, I will be spending my time relaxing and soaking up my time with them.

Now I realize that this is quite a sappy post, but I think it's allowed as it is Christmas time. :] Try to remember the real reason that we even celebrate Christmas and embrace the time with your family.

Sincerely, Paige

Do you have any traditions or special memories? Leave me a comment below!

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