Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hey everyone!

I hope your year has started off with a bang! I can't believe its already the start of another year.

That being said, I am not one to make "resolutions", but I recently decided that there were a few things that I would like to improve upon in the next year. But I also want to carry these things with me from now on, so I'm not calling them resolutions, just changes I hope to make.

In the last week, it's finally hit me that my wedding is actually approaching quickly! If I want to get in shape I really have got to start soon! So I started to exercise. I decided to pin some things, and stumbled on Tori's blog.

Her workouts are incredibly simple to follow and she explains the moves before she picks them up to tempo. She also includes music so when I workout, I can just listen to her videos instead of having more than one app running at the same time and over complicating things.

The other thing I'm planning on changing is my diet. I'm not counting on eating well 100% of the time, since I live in a dorm for the majority of the year. Trying to eat healthy without a full kitchen is tough! But I really would like to cut down on the amount of sugar and processed foods I put into my body.

I took pictures of my food the other day and will post those now so that I can make myself accountable to sticking to this plan!

Breakfast was a multigrain cereal mix that I cooked and added pecans, maple syrup, bananas, cinnamon , and a dab of butter to.

For lunch I had cowboy caviar, a recipe I got from my soon-to-be mother in law! It is one of the easiest and best things I've made in a while! I enjoyed it with some chips and a glass of Passion tea from Tazo.

Dinner was so good that I forgot to photograph it. I had salmon with basmati rice and a couple of Brussel sprouts. Usually I can stomach them, but these were frozen steam in a bag, which I do NOT recommend trying.

For dessert I had strawberries with a little whipped cream.

Keep in mind these were not the quantities I ate, just a representation of what I had. 

What are your main goals for the year? Leave a comment below to tell me what you hope to change in 2013!

Sincerely, Paige


  1. Great meals! One of my resolutions was to continue reaching my health & fitness goals. I lost 20 pounds in 2012 for my wedding, and I've never felt better! I've kept the weight off, but it's hard. Fitness, health and wellness are continual. But it can totally be fun, and it's always worth it! :)

    1. That's awesome! It definitely has been getting more fun for me the more I stick to it. I'm trying to get fit now, because one of my professors was teaching us how it only gets harder the older we get!