Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review: Revlon Nearly Naked

Hi everyone!

So, this week I have been slacking on working out, so I don't have any news there. But what I do have for you, is a makeup review!

I had heard a few good things about Revlon's new Nearly Naked foundation and powder from other bloggers (Nouveau Cheap and Lynette). So I decided to give it a try!

I've only worn the foundation once so far, as I haven't really been out and in need of much coverage. The consistency and coverage are both definitely on the lighter side. It is a nice neutral base color, which I think leans more yellow than pink. I really like that as most other foundations end up looking too redish-orange on me. I purchased the color 130 Shell, which is the third lightest shade.

The staying power was nice, but around 6 hours after applying, I needed to powder again. I do have to admit, I am a tad oily, so 6 hours is a pretty good amount of time for me stay fairly matte.

The right is the full unblended swatch, to the right is a lightly blended strip of the foundation.

The powder I purchased in the shade 020 Light Pale. I think this was the second lightest option. I really like the powder so far. It is not cakey, and is almost not "powdery", although that makes no sense as it is a powder? It applies well and doesn't look like you have an overly powdery face.
I tried to swatch it, but it's basically invisible on my skin.

Overall, I am enjoying these products so far. My only problem was a small dry patch on my face that the foundation didn't quite sit right on. But, that's my fault for not using a moisturizer.

Have you tried the new Nearly Naked line? Let me know, what are your favorite drugstore products?

Sincerely, Paige


  1. Thanks for mentioning me, Paige! :) I think you'll really like the foundation the more you use it. I'm really starting to think it works best for oily skin, because it seems a little patchy on my face when I have dry days. I'm looking forward to wearing it more in the summer!

  2. Will def keep this in mind, next time I'm at the drugstore. I don't have a favorite drugstore, but one I really want to try out is the rimmel wake me up foundation xx

    1. I would love to try the Wake Me Up foundation! Unfortunately I can't seem to find it in the States. :[