Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On Embracing Uniqueness

Hello everyone!
So I told you I would be posting about fashion and beauty. I feel like I need to put this word of caution out before I begin with real fashion posts. Just because I like or recommend an outfit or style, does not mean that my readers need to emulate it.

I think this is the problem with so many young women today. We are constantly being bombarded with celebrities and media icons showing us what to wear or how to cut our hair or wear our makeup. We all automatically assume that we need to pick someone or something to copy. Long hair, short hair, hipster, preppy, emo...thousands of other trends and styles that come and go, but each one has an almost cult following of people who feel they must stick to this certain genre.

But maybe what we are so strongly searching for, and still coming up empty, isn't to be “in fashion.” Maybe it's to have our own personal style that makes us feel good. You can wear cowboy boots one day, and high heels the next. You can wear a baggy t-shirt today and a sundress tomorrow. You don’t have to have one look that mimics a celebrity. Wear what makes YOU feel confident and comfortable. 

We all need to shake this mindset of impressing everyone else and trying to prove that we are good enough. God made us “good enough”; we are beautifully and wonderfully made in His image. If He wanted everyone to look and act the same, He wouldn't have created us with so many different personalities and aesthetics. I think He likes that we are all different. We all need to accept who we are and what we look like and stop trying to change ourselves to fit into this unachievable mold of perfection. You are already perfect in the eyes of God, which is pretty incredible. 

So, my goals in posts about fashion are not to force one more crazy trend down your throats. It is simply to show my personal style, and maybe help someone else who likes some of the pieces. Pick and choose what you will and create a look for yourself, not for anyone else.

Love and hugs to all of you beautiful and perfect people!


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