Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MIA and Liebster Award Nomination

Hey everyone! I apologize for my complete absence for over two months. I honestly gave up. I didn't mean to or plan to, I just realized one day I had abandoned my blog completely. I'm extremely busy with school as I only have a month left, and I also have a month until I get married! Crazy stuff. But, I'm back now and hopefully I can stick around this time! 

While I was away, I had two lovely ladies nominate me for the Liebster award. I am so shocked because I have totally slacked off and probably don't deserve this at all! But, thank you Danielle and Lauren! And a huge thank you to all of you who looked at my blog even while I was gone! 

Here are the rules for the Liebster award:
1. You must link back to the blogger who nominated you!
2. Post eleven facts about yourself.
3. Answer the eleven questions the blogger who tagged you has set for you.
4. Create eleven questions for the bloggers you nominate.
5. Choose eleven people with less that 200 followers to give this award to, and tell them on their page.

1. I am getting married in May, and I have known him since I was 5. 
2. My favorite food is pasta.
3. I am in college studying Advertising.
4. I really love broccoli.
5. I have an anxiety disorder.
6. I am only 5' 2".
7. I have a terrible sweet tooth and eat dessert almost every night.
8. I like to exercise but I never actually do it. 
9. I am a Christian.
10. I have always gone to private school.
11. I am a complete home body. 

1. Who is your style icon? Good question..

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Both, swirled!

3. Favourite Make Up item you own? Brow gel! It's my one must have item.

4. If your house was burning down and your family (including pets) were sure to be safe, what are 3 things you would save, and why? My iPad because I paid for it myself. My engagement ring, reason is pretty obvious. My phone to call for help.

5. Favourite music band/artist? Radical Face/Mumford and Sons.

6. Describe your bedroom style. Ecclectic, vintagey, calm

7. One social networking site you go to constantly? Facebook
8. Most used perfume? Marc Jacobs Daisy and Bath and Body Works Lavender Chamomile spray (blogged about it during Christmas)
9. If you could have lunch or dinner with one celebrity, who would it be and why? YouTube celebrities count right? Nikki Phillipi (or Rachel Talbott), because neither of them are afraid to share their faith with their viewers. And they both followed their dream even though it seemed crazy.
10. Favourite Make up brand? I think Rimmel has some really good products, but Mac's eyeshadows and blushes blow others out of the water.
11. Name 2 things on your bucket list, or if you don't have one, 2 things you want to do or accomplish before you die? Have kids. Learn to not be afraid of the way others think about me.

Questions I am asking those I nominate:
1. One makeup/beauty product you recommend
2. Favorite food
3. Favorite YouTuber or Blogger
4. Why you started blogging
5. Favorite book
6. Most visited websites
7. Your favorite vacation spot
8. Guilty pleasure TV show
9. Something you learned lately
10. When did you lose your first tooth
11. What's in your fridge


I wish I had more, but my other favorite blogs just have too many followers! If you're just starting out leave your link in the comments so I can look at your blog!


  1. Hey! Congrats on the Liebster! =D


  2. Congratulations on the award,i recently started a blog a few weeks ago please check it out(: